July 2015

April 2015

Sky's price rise - June 2015 - Prices changes come into effect in your May bill.

Breakdown by Channel packs per month:
The Original Bundle - No change
The Variety Bundle - £2.00 more
The Family Bundle - £3.00 more
Sky Sports (1 or 2) - No change
Sky Sports Pack (1 & 2) - £1.00 more
Sky Movies (1 or 2) - £1.00 more
Sky Movies Pack (1 & 2) - £0.50 more
HD Pack - No change


July 2014

Sky's price rise - September 2014 - Prices changes come into effect in your August bill.
The Original Bundle - No change
The Variety Bundle - £2.00
The Family Bundle - £1.00
Sky Sports (1 or 2) - No change
Sky Sports Pack (1 & 2) - £2.50
Sky Movies (1 or 2) - No change
Sky Movies Pack (1 & 2) - £0.50
HD Pack - No change

May 2014
Thomson Sky+HD boxes nearing End of Life

Sky have started switching off the HD channels on The Thomson Sky HD boxes - model 8215. Its not known how long more before the Thomson boxes will finally be made redundant. They have switched off
Sky Disney HD
Sky Scifi/Horror HD
Sky Movies Premiere HD
SKY Atlantic HD
SKY Living HD
SKY Arts 1 HD
SKY Arts 2 HD
Nat Geo HD
Nat Geo Wild HD
History HD

Its looking like more to follow soon. The only way to get round this is unfortunately to replace the box with a new Sky+HD box.


February 2014

The BBC’s services to Sky and Freesat homes are carried on six transponders on satellites operated by SES Astra located at 28.2°East.

In February 2012, one of these satellites (Astra 2D) was retired and BBC services moved to a new temporary home on Astra 1N. Astra 1N is shortly to be moved to its permanent position at 19°East, so the affected BBC services will be transferring to a new permanent home on Astra 2E (28.2°East).

This will take place in the early hours of Thursday 6th February 2014. Care has been taken to ensure the minimum of impact to UK viewers both during and after the change, such that no viewer actions should be required.

A small number of channels are unaffected by the change. These are on the multiplex “DSAT 8” which is carried on Astra 2F (also at 28.2°East). These are BBC ONE Scotland HD, BBC ONE Wales HD, BBC FOUR HD, BBC NEWS HD, CBeebies HD. - http://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/news/news_item25.html

If you have now lost access to the BBC channels, a larger dish will need to be installed. The size of the dish can range from 45cm in the North of France to 1.8m in the South. To confirm the correct size please ask your local installer.

ITV will be moving soon onto the same satellite.

Sky subscription channels should remain unaffected.

If you don't want a larger dish it is possible to obtain some of the BBC channels via the internet - http://www.skydigi.tv/product.html - UK TV via the internet.

January 2014
Astra 2E will be brought into service early this year ... February

December 2013
New BBC HD channels.

The BBC will launch five additional HD channels on Tuesday, 10th. BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, CBeebies HD and CBBC HD will be available on Freesat HD &Sky HD. All five new HD channels will broadcast the same programmes as their standard definition equivalents in HD. For the first time the BBC will use the HD switching on the Sky platform that means BBC Three and BBC Four will be on 115 and 116 respectively in SD or HD versions, according to the subscription held. BBC News will deploy the swapping after Sky’s regular Christmas channel freeze to avoid non-essential technical work that could impact the availability of the existing SD BBC News channel whilst it is covering a major news story. In 2014 similar swapping will be introduced on the free-to-air Freesat platform.

September 2013:
Some of your channels are broadcast from a satellite owned by Eutelsat and the rest are owned by Astra.

The Astra satellites are located in the 28.2 degrees east of south location and the Eutelsat satellite is located at 28.5 east of south.

There has been legal wrangling about the ownership of the 28 degrees EOS location for some time and recently a court in Germany ruled that Astra have the exclusive rights and Eutelsat will have to forfeit the location. We didn't know what the implications of that ruling were going to be or how quickly it was going to be enforced. However, tonight it seems that some of the Eutelsat channels have moved to Astra satellites and are now not being received in the south of Spain. For example National Geographic Wild and The History channel. This may be a temporary situation but it seems that it's all last minute since last months court ruling and nobody knows how it's all going to pan out.

Here is some more information I have found on the subject.

SES v Eutelsat: List of affected services
Services affected by the ruling that Eutelsat should stop using a band of frequencies used to broadcast TV and radio services to the UK and Ireland have begun transmission on temporary frequencies away from the contested band.

These services have moved off Eutelsat 28A to temporary locations on Astra 1N or Astra 2A. See below.

Providing all goes to plan on the 4th October (when a German court ruling dictating that Eutelsat must stop using the contested frequencies comes into force) services will commence on another set of frequencies via the Astra 2F satellite. Temporary frequencies (highlighted in bold below) will continue to be used until the 10th. - the current reshuffling of services is designed to keep services available to viewers throughout the next fortnight.

This is a list of affected channels.

The letter Y indicates that they will move to UK spot beam and N means a Pan European beam. But please note these are all temporary frequencies and will probably change.

11.508 H to 10.921 H
Sky Living+1
Sky Two Ireland
11.527 V to 10.979 V
BT Sport 1 (SD)
BT Sport 2 (SD)
11.546 H to 11.171 H
Zee TV

11.565 V to 12.305 H
Sky Box Office
Challenge + 1
11.585 H to 11.156 V
BT Sport 1 HD
BT Sport 2 HD

11.603 V to 12.187 H
Sky Box Office
Fox News
National Geographic
At the Races
11.623 H to
12.402 V
CNBC Europe
11.662 H to 12.129 V
BET U.K. +1
11.681 V to 12.422 H
Al Jazeera English
Men &
12.523 V to 11.082 H
Heart TV
Capital TV
Clubland TV
Planet Pop
Rocks & Co
Gems TV
12.560 V to 11.112 H
Travel Channel
Horse and Country
QVC Beauty
TV Warehouse
12.560 H to 11.973 V
12.607 V to 11.141 H
The Active Channel

12.607 H to 11.953 H
12.643 H to 12.441 V
UMP Movies

European viewers:
Eutelsat 28A beamed it's services across the majority of Europe. But some services have moved to temporary frequencies and transponders that are on the UK spotbeam. This means that during the transitional phase, some viewers in continental Europe will lose access to services marked Y or require a larger satellite dish.

As these are temporary allocations, affected viewers should not take any action. The final situation will become apparant next week, when services begin to appear on their final frequencies and transponders. Then it will become clear which services will run on the UK spotbeam and which services will continue to be available across much of Europe.

July 2013
Pricing update for September 2013: Sky's prices changed on 1 September 2013.

Sky Entertainment £21.50
Sky Entertainment Extra £27.00
Sky Entertainment Extra+ HD £32.00

Sky Entertainment Extra & Movies £43.00
Sky Entertainment Extra & Movies & HD £53.25

Sky Entertainment Extra & Sports £49.00
Sky Entertainment Extra & Sports & HD £59.25

Sky Entertainment Extra & Movies & Sports £56.50
Sky Entertainment Extra & Movies & Sports & HD £66.75
May 2013

SkyHD channels
Sky now has given the option of adding 45 HD channels & Sky3D channel to the Entertainment Extra pack for an additional £5 a month, taking it to a monthly price of £31.50.

SkyHD Message on your TV Screen -
"We need to update your service. Please give us some info at skyviewinghelp.com"
The follow information will need to be supplied:

Sky HD customers
Press the Services button on your Sky remote control.
Scroll/press the right arrow key pad, 1 click to the right so it highlights the spanner sign 'settings'
Scroll/press the down arrow key pad to highlight 'Picture' and then scroll right pressing the arrow key twice so it highlights the 'details' tab.


Model Number ………………………
Version Number ………………………
Serial Number - 11 digits ………………………
Viewing card Number ………………………
Receiver ID ………………………

Once these details have been passed onto Sky the message will disappear.